...love Is Blind....blind Love....love Blinds....!!!

...She said
you love me,... but I am blind
there is so many others,
there is the pretty, the beautiful and the attractive
you are nothing , but a mad man
or it is empathy for the blind

...He said
no no no
I am in love pretty angel
want nothing of this world
but for you to be mine
nothing is impossible
I will never ever give up
a cure must exists

She said
If you help me
get my sight back
I promise, I will accept you
and forever will be yours
who would donate his own
and live forever in the dark

One day he came running
I found a donor
you will see again
keep your promise
and be mine forever

the day she open her eyes
he stood there holding her hand

she saw him
she was shocked
she screamed
you are also blind....???
she weeped ....and wondered
how can I be always so unlucky

he said
don't be sad my pretty one
you are going to be
my sight my guidance

She said
am I going take a blind after
I regained my sight

he cries and said
forgive me...who am I
for you to take forever

before you leave me
I want you to promise
to take good care

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3 Responses Nov 6, 2011

Yea I've seen it to. It Is a wonderful to be reminded of. Thank you

it is a poem ......so much lost in translation though

Iveread a story like this before. I love it. Thanks for posting it. Good reminder of life.