My Darling Daughter.

My dear girl it is so amazing to watch you grow.
I never knew there could be so much joy in your discovery of who you are.
You light up my life and bring me such happiness. To see your face every morning
Lights my day. To hear your I love you mom and no you never embarrass me makes me full.
I love the please walk me all the to class and I can't wait for girls night mom. Those things you say
Make my day always.

You're growing and learning new things each day. We are talking bout life and future and past.
It's fun to see the physical and mental changes in you each day and to be a part of them.
To hear you as you discover things about others, and As your world gets bigger. I am so proud to be
Even a small part of it. The talks we've recently had the hugs and shared smiles over an inside joke
Bring me life and I am looking forward to each min the future brings us. The woman you will be is
Someone I cannot wait to call my friend.

No matter what you do. My dear girl I love for ever and for always.
I'll love you forever like you for always my baby you will be!
Jordangirly Jordangirly
36-40, F
4 Responses Nov 8, 2011

Your story is really lovely :)

This is so beautiful...there are no add except..I love my daughter soo much!

what a beautiful love it is , between a mother and child!

Is this what it is with kids? Seems like it should be more pain than pleasure!