I promise
to love all of you
and hate part of you too

to always hug you
and spank you too

to always trust you
and watch you too

to give you all
and take some back too

to always listen
and filter too

to always see you
and with your eyes too

to always believe you
and doubt you too

to give you all power over me
and take  all yours from you too

to always help you
when you are true

to hold your hand
when you hold mine too

to take you in
and keep you too

to tell you why
and tell you how
to tell you when
I will keep my promise

antoni45 antoni45
56-60, M
3 Responses Nov 12, 2011

I agree this is so perfect and beautiful just like you my friend.

I am not perfect or beautiful...I am the...you know

for me this depicts the most loved relationship.thank u for giving this thought

Giving and taking but knowing when to give and when to take is often the problem in relationships. I love the contrasts here because they are a reminder of the strength, the commitment the gift of oneself to another...it is work and never easy but always worth it. This gives me butterflies and balloons thank you