........one Day Soon

...One day
I would like to roll it to a pillow
take you deep in the desert
lay naked on the still warm sand
from the day's sun
undisturbed...but our feet steps
the sand is so ever soft and fine
on our backs

...As we talk to the stars
and listen to their life story
a bit chilly drunk wind
hover over us
makes the hair stands
the senses stair
at all the beauty
and the sounds the night silence

...Eyes closed
as we turn to see each other
suddenly a simple smile
I look at you and I see me floating
in your mind

...You look at me as you
I invite you to come in me
and disappear

...We don't know
who in who
we don't know
who is who
we are just are
we are out of our bodies
amazed of what we become
when we don't know
in who
antoni45 antoni45
56-60, M
1 Response Nov 16, 2011

So vivid and clear. What a story, mmmm!