An Amazing Woman

Her smile is contagious, her beauty is unmatched. Her smoldering eyes draw you in and once drawn in you never want to let go. Her petite frame is filled out nicely and defies her age. Her warm tender caress is soft and gentle. But what makes her truly special is her beauty inside. Her warm personality, her funny wit, her common interests with me makes me feel like i am the lucky one to call her my lover. While you may think she is a tomboy but what she likes, this country girl will warm your heart, miind, body, and soul and you will never want to leave her side. I have only known her a little while but i feel like i have known her forever. the undescribable passion that we share is one i have not felt in such a long time. I am so happy she has started to let me into her heart because I think I may want to stay. If I could give her a dozen roses just because I would just to bring even the slightest sunshine to her day and bring out that gorgeous smile. She knows who she is and she truly is an amazing, sexy, vivacious, intelligent, caring, and warm woman.
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2 Responses Apr 27, 2012

wow this awesome feeling i think she is lucky woman to have someone like you god bless you both

aww she sounds lovely.