To My Children,

Gunner, Kylie, Kail, and baby in my belly,
I hope I never disappoint you. I hope I do all the right things and make as few mistakes as possible. I want to teach you to be openminded human beings who don't judge others. I hope to teach you how to open your heart for those who honestly care and how to protect yourselves from people who will hurt you and I pray I can save you from all the bad things in life or at least pass on the skills I've acquired in my life to you. I hope I never do anything to you to make you hate me. I want you to love me as I love my mother. My love for each of you is limitless and unconditional. Having you all so young has changed my life and I wouldnt have it any other way. I hope you wait longer than I did to start a family, I'd never choose the struggles I go through for you in your lives but if you ever find yourself in a position that's scary please talk to me and I'll support you always. This letter is to you kids so that when you are older you know how important you all are to me. I hope I make you laugh and smile and show you right from wrong. I wanna be the best mommy I can be to you guys and I know daddy loves you too and he will always protect you from harms way. I hope your dreams are big and that you find happiness in all you do and I will always do what I can to be there for you. I love you Gunner. I love you Kylie. I love you Kail. And baby in my belly, I love you too.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

And it is very clear that you are a great mum! I'm sure the are very glad to have you :)

This is a such a genuine, beautiful letter to your children. You sound like an amazing mommy. If only there were more young moms and dads out there who would write something as poignant as this. Good for you!