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I Want You To Know

i thank God that i found this group. i don't know why but i'm wishing to see you again. and remember those happy moments of us. i want to tell you that when you saw me at the front of our class room about 5 years ago it's not the first time you saw me because we already met when we are in elementary. i want you to know that the time that we were dancing and you tell me to look into your eyes and i didn't, it's because i felt shame. remember when i was shock because you get my balloon and it's like a magic that didn't noticed it then i said it's OK you can have it if you want but you told me that you were just making fun of me? did you know after that i saw a kid crying because she also wants balloon and i give mine, i'm happy that the kid stop crying but my heart breaks because that balloon have value for me because of you. so many wishes... :D
etude etude 18-21, F Dec 1, 2012

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