Who Has 'rights'

All Social and Religious Systems maintain the 'subjugation' of 'women' without hindrance as 'someone' has to carry the label 'THE WEAKER ONE'. Gods have been 'invented' so 'God Given Rights' can be used as an irrevocable answer when 'limitations' are imposed on Freedom, Liberty and Equality.
Being forced to maintain the 'Male Family Name' and adopting the 'Male partners Family Name' is common practice on the Planet. The MAIDEN name angle is a Farce as all it upholds is the Male Family Name of 'the Parents'.
To be able to 'dominate' by 'Any Means' allows 'Man-ipulation' to remain viable as a 'tool' to contain 'HOW' everything is viewed. A 'Paradice' on Earth is NEVER going to be a 'CHOICE' as the 'divides' in place are a requirement to maintain 'Supremacy'. Vying to be 'Top Dog' is a 'Male Thing' which is why Confrontation, Wars and Gods exist. In language, a female Deity to be recognized and exist, her 'TITLE' which should be either 'MA' or 'MUM' is reduced to 'GOD-DESS' which has no viable meaning, MUM as in MUMTAZ means ETERNAL PRINCESS.
Oddly, 'ESS' is used as ends of the words PRINC-ESS and GODD-ESS.
Very peculiar as 'ESS' is the start of the word ESSENE, but notice the words when given a 'space bar space', es-sense, es-say and ess-ential take on 'new meaning'.
For the common people, notice how MALE is used to make the word FEMALE and MAN is used to make the word WOMAN. The correct TITLE for a Lady should MAID as in the legend of MAID MARION, notice how Society as used the word MAID decoratively and that'
is not the end of the story.
Fighting for a 'cause' is no simple task as 'WHO' has a 'handle' on YOU has the 'BIG HAND.
5184tammuz 5184tammuz
Dec 8, 2012