All Your Trials, All Your Suffering, All Your Beauty...not In Vain

As a carer for the intellectually disabled, people with a mental illness and the elderly, i cannot say I find my job a laugh.I cannot say i don't return home tired, depleted and sometimes even in despair.
But I can say i do like my job.
I can say i am humbled by the many broken hearted, rejected souls i meet every day, people who society have not applauded for their silent suffering, people who are not "successful", people who are rejected, mocked, even on some level despised for not being so called"normal".
These people are my teachers. They remind me of my vunerability, my humanity, my own brokeness. And sometimes we share a joke, a tear a wonderful insight, a musing of this crazy, wonderful world...and i go back to live in the"normal" world, and wonder..and feel the blessing of my job, my daily encounters with such beautiful souls.
shenightowl shenightowl
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

When you help them to cope with life, you do gain a sense of hope that you are helping these people and that you are doing a good thing. They are grateful, i am sure.

Shenightowl I would like to express gratitude for your care of lost souls. I have bipolar disorder and have suffered from abuse. There have been many support people in my live as kind and helpful as you. I'll thank you for all of us. Some of us have great blocks of wood on our shoulders and don't express our thanks. I would not be the healthy person I am without souls like you.

thankyou rubyetuesday, i think we are all a big family, to share each others burdons, i find the people i meet in my work are my greatest teachers. many blessings to you.

you have a beautiful soul.

thankyou MorningBreeze!