Be Who You Are

Each day many of us struggle, many of us are trying to find our way but at times, we find it hard to survive. Over and over we face struggles from life, but did we ever stop and think for a moment..... I can have a better life?
This is for those who are being abused or bullied by anyone.

Through each day we face challenges, live a life of pain. Some call the victims of abuse and bulling weak but really we are strong. To survive through all the pain is one thing but to know who you are is another. Look in the mirror, look past the face and into your own eyes. Many forget that your true emotion is in your eyes. That is where you will find yourself.

Never feel like you have to feel the way others want you to feel, never think that you have to be what they made you because you don't. I am a victim of abuse and bullying. I had enough of it and changed, I used to be quiet and look no one in the eyes until things got too far for me to turn back. I became who I am today, cold but kind. It is who I really am, who are you really?

Let me tell you, you are amazing. Each of you are a hero in your own right. You survive through pain and heart ache and get out of bed every morining. Never listen to the words they say, the saying STICKS AND STONES MAY BRAKE MY BONES BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME, that is a lie. Name calling hurts bad and can effect us, let it effect who we are. Let it come to you ad challenge it.

Challenge the pain and look in the mirror, become stronger, become you. Never blame yourself for the pain these people put you through because it is not your fault no matter how many times someone tells you it is. You are each unique and should be proud of who you are. Know that even if you feel alone, you are not alone. There is always at least one other person out there that is experiencing the same as you are.

Have a voice in your life, let you be heard. You are you! Never forget the true person you are inside, the outside it the shell, the inside is the person. You have a good heart and a golden soul and a wonderful personality. You are beautiful no matter what. Do you have scars? So what! Do not let people say they make you ugly, they don't. They are part of you, beautiful. Be your own person, you have rights like anyone else. We are people too. Do not try and be perfect because perfection does not exist, be imperfect because imperfection does exist and it is beautiful.
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This is grt

God Bless, you give me hope that one day my daughter will find the strength and self worth you have. I would hope many are inspired by your words.

Beautiful! I am in high school and going through a very rough time and this made me feel very happy, and remember that life is worth living :)


It's a wonderful inspiring story. And you're just right, not long ago, some children killed themselves, because they're bullied, and some people said, they were just weak. I really thought COME ON GUYS, they are not weak, they are strong! They are strong enough to make the most important choice of their life's, even when it is painfull for loving family. But no choice you make is wrong, because you made it!


Wow Snow. That's beautiful, and so true, even if we forget it sometimes.


Oooooh so touching!

Thank you for your inspiring story. I haven't known that our true emotions are in our eyes.

hardly anyone does

thank you:-)

Dear Crimsonsnow,

You are amazing and I like you. Thank you for sharing this here with us. The saying goes 'What don't kill me only makes me stronger' and it is true! No matter how far you've been pushed to the dirt, you must brush it up and rise again! Life is beautiful. There will always be haters in the way. There will always be critics.

Here is a quote I recently saw :"Don't take anything personally. Even when a situation seems so personal, even if others insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you. Their point of view and opinion come from all the programming they received growing up. When you take things personally, you feel offended and your reaction is to defend your beliefs and create conflict. You make something big out of something so little because you have the need to be right and make everybody else wrong." Don Miguel Ruiz

This is amazing.....the best thing in us is to be ourself,doesnt matter what other thing about being yourself,believe in yourself

Very well written. I can relate. U r a amazing writer. I would like to be friends. If u want to plez send me a private message

Of course

Thank you Snow. This story is basically my life. At least the abusing part.

i know how ye feel goldie

Yeah.. You have it worse than I do though Snow,I know you do.

any abuse is as bad as each other

Wow I'm moved by your writting


it is great...............simply great.........i never ever get this sort of motivation in my life..............what are you writing and just a great work.....keep it up.....many like me will get lot of energy from it.............god gives all the want...............i do not want stop praising a to z.........and it continues.........