Wake Up

i feel like i'm to blame for this whole indecent.
you were the only one who was there for me then, who i could count on..
a year older then me, i looked up to you..
the bullies were awful they would punch me in my stomach so hard i gagged blood, they would beat me unconscious, while i was 6 and you were 7 they were like 9 and 10, bigger then both of us...you didn't even think you were always trying to protect me, even if you got hurt in the process, you would just smile slightly and laugh "as long as your O K" as you always said, why was a little freak like me so important to you, i don't think your other friends liked me, sometimes they would complain when you tried to get me to play with them to or interact with the others you always wanted me to open up, get of my little fantasy world i came up with as a way to cope with everything, you always said that wasn't healthy.your parents hated me, i guess they blame me for your broken arm, black eyes scrapes and bruises....remember the school party? it was not much just a few snacks some punch a pinata and a mettle bat to smash it with it ended badly, i mean getting beat in the back with a mettle bat wasn't fun...my back was extreamly sore and black and blue, we were so exited the bullies actually got caught for once and that they got expelled... a few weeks later when we were playing at the playground and one of the bullies had knocked me off of the monkey bars making me fall on my already hurt back and knock the air out of me, before i could get up he grabbed me by my throat he was choking me, as usual you had to defend me, they hit you on your head so hard you fell down into a mettle pole, guess you hit your head just right...your parents actually came by saw you unconsis made the bullies stop, they seem like they hate me even worse claim i took you away from them..

why did you have to protect me, no one ever seemed to notice or care what the bullies were doing normally they would just walk past like it was nothing maybe i am nothing..im pretty shure that your parents would have rather me be the one in a coma,

...13 years...and you havent woke up...

your 20 now if you can belive that, the worlds changed so much

we have these digital music players that can be smaller then those small post its or pocket sized that can play thousands of songs. tiny computers some that can even fit in a envelope

remember how much you loved majoras mask and occerina of time? theres alot more zelda games now, windwaker, twilight princess, skyward sword

come on ben, you can do it, wake up
please wake up..
bloodredhanded bloodredhanded
18-21, F
Feb 2, 2013