The Letter I Told You About....


Just a peek into my head ......this was in response to a story I read.......   The truth about living authentically is to realise that when you are authentic there is no time or space that can hold you back.   Is it not true that if you are currently doing what you need to be doing, in the long term, you are being authentic. For example, I don't believe in coincidence. Events happen or our thoughts occur when the time is ripe for that to happen. Our truth is how we choose to deal with it.   We need to make authentic choices around what we would like to change about our world but the trick is to start with ourselves.   If you find you are not conscious in your present, take even 5 minutes a day and watch some trees blowing in the wind. Close your eyes in the middle of the day and speak to your do you feel? What can you hear? What can you smell....?   What has happened to you is that you are not participating in your own reality. It took a car accident for me to realise it and since then I have changed jobs, started divorce proceedings, sorted my finances, begun renovations on my house, lost weight, changed cars......and soon I will be moving and changing jobs again.......why? Because I became an active participant in my own life.   I did a little Mind Power, I started a Fairy business and started to listen to all the signs around me that came in the form of anything......once I started listening, I started to act on what my truth was and things started to change.   Important, is to be patient and not run ahead of the universe. Be strong and brave and authentic......I am 3 years down the road from the realisation and when I look around me I realise that I needed to realise that the power lay within me to persevere and trust that I am important too.   I am continuing on this journey and with great anticipation to where I will be in a years time, but now I am living my life and not unconsciously waiting to die....accepting myself in an unauthentic life.....resigning myself to the fact that this was it.........nothing is impossible even though your mind will deceive you into believing it is.   _____________________________________________________________________________ This was the response to what I shared above.....   ..........Wow! I think impressed is an understatement – its that proud moment when the master sees the student break through the barrier from student to master – the only way this is possible is if the master can learn something from his student – something important and thought provoking, and wise... because then, at that moment, there are 2 masters.   This is the moment of divination when I learn from you, when i reflect on what you’ve written, and first, realise how you have grown. Grown, grown. In wisdom and thought beyond the visible, into the realm of light that makes all things possible. And you have acted on it. And then, secondly, i read it over and over again – grasping and then losing it, grasping and then losing it – because it is so profound, that it could only emanate from a teacher of the universe.   It is that time when I realise a part of the reason why; why you, why me – and it dawns on me that your whole life up to this point has been a lesson. Because the seed that the Creator has planted in you is a powerful one that needed time and trial to germinate. It is not a common seed. This is a seed that brings major trials and burdens on its carrier from a young age, and moulds that carrier into a vessel worthy of seeing beyond the visible – to teach, to develop and to grow others. To give. The path to enlightenment is yours to give – subtly, softly, and with warmth. But with strength. It also comes with harder trials – as the wise need to be honed to perfection harder as they get wiser. And it comes with the enlightenment that nothing is what it seems, because there is a reason for everything, and from this day forward you will know. Know. And your knowledge will be a connection between you and the universe and all its beings – you will feel what they feel – and this will be a blessing and sometimes a curse. But at all times it will be you, being enlightened. Beware of the intensity of your approach, because you have the power to hurt irreparably. Your positive energy will be like a magnet to those souls who seek enlightenment, and they will follow you, be a part of you all of your days, and they won’t know why. And you will know silently the pain of not being able to physically be with all of them, but you will know that your spirit can. For now, continue on this amazing journey of discovery for your SELF, but along the way, be careful how you touch the lives around you. Take great care in your knowledge. You are, as you have realised, one with the universe and all in it, and therefore all things are possible, because all things are you, and you are all things.   You are free
passionfish passionfish
31-35, F
Oct 20, 2009