For You ... My Love

Hey there my love........we have been acquaintances for a few months and just one day I took the risk of getting to know of the best decisions I have ever made.

Even if nothing comes of our connection, you must know that knowing you has changed my life profoundly, forever.

I have had experiences of love but never anything like this. And this is the purist form of a love experience I have ever had.

Because of you, I can see hope.

Because of you, I can see peace.

Because of you, I can see joy.

You have made the simplest tasks a pleasure to perform in a time when I could hardly put one thought in front of the other. Suddenly, things are clearer and I see a chance for me to do more than just survive this crisis and instead discovering ways of reaping from this opportunity are presented daily and that is how I know...Jah bless

Your presence is warm and comforting. Protective and strong. My Massai warrior. You came to found me when I was most vulnerable and you carefully gathered me into your arms and kept me safe for a while under your wing......the freedom I have learnt in this act has made me realise so many things and this was only possible through you.

Jah bless my and always.

Your soft nature......your committed essence.....your light, although dim and tarnished by despair is starting to shine again and I am humbled by you.

The future is uncertain, tomorrow is promised to no one. All I know is that for now, both of us have work to do on our own lives and it must never be at the cost of anothers heart. Never would I want to be the cause of someone elses strife, pain or suffering. You know my heart, it does not want to injure or darken or harden anyones heart to the love of the Father.

It is through these acts that Satan is able to take hold and allow destruction and despair to take hold of Jah's people. We cannot inflict pain on each other and yet we do! Jah's children hurt and wound each other when we should each be building each other up.

You need to know and understand that this is my motto, this is the creed that I try to live by. "DO NO HARM!!!!"

In all things be authentic, be brave and always be aware that there is always a price tag associated with a decision or choice. Sometimes good decisions bring a price tag of their own but when you have a vision and you know that the price is worth it, you willingly pursue this decision. When the price tag is another's peace and another's heart, when do we say that is unacceptable?

It is never acceptable. Not on my watch!

As we grow to learn things about each other, I know we will grow together but I fear a time of separation may be inevitable. I cannot bare it, I cannot fathom is inconceivable to me and yet I know, it must be........

Perhaps Jah has other plans and I know that you and I are committed to doing His will before our own. Whatever He asks of us, we must be obedient and do everything in love.

Thank you my love......for everything....past, present and future........without Jah's grace we would have perished to this world already as both of us have stood at that doorway and come back for a purpose.

If my only purpose through all this was to feel what I imagine the Father's love to feel like, then you have succeeded in assisting me in fulfilling my purpose. I have never known such love before.

Know that you are loved..........always

passionfish passionfish
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2010

If you fell in love, I think that's Jah's will.