(Hi, I'm new here!)

I used to be afraid of getting into a relationship, because I had never been in one, and didn't feel ready to. So I rejected one, and I delayed another guy but he moved on that year. Now I know I still have a soft spot for the first guy, and probably even stronger feelings for the second one. I feel like they still have a soft spot for me too, and I'm not reading into things too much.

But I've matured a lot over a year, because many experiences were thrown at me and I became much, much more self-aware, and on most days, I look to appreciate all that's in my life and improve myself.
So.. Basically now I feel like I'm ready for a relationship.

I feel that my personal growth is going on well, and that I really want to try extending my love to someone special and feel special too. (in a way that is different from doing volunteering work and helping the community)

For the past week, I've just been wondering what I should do. Just push away all these feelings like I always have, or what? I don't feel like remaining passive anymore.
averagecomplicatedhuman averagecomplicatedhuman
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014