Ten Years Of Rheumotoid Arthritis

I want to be young, I want to feel young.  I am 50 I have had RA for ten years.  Currently I have an infection in my foot after surgery.  Because I take those wonder drugs EMBREL and methotrexate.  I have to inject the methotrexate because my stomach couldn't take it anymore after 8 years.  These medications cost a forturne, $100. aweek and that's only 20%.  Thank god I am one of the few young disabled who has insurance.  I have insurance only because my husband carries it.  Of course we can't  change jobs or insurance because of that preexisting condition.  Insurance companies are blood s------ Bas----.  The most limiting thing about my disability is my "insurance", that's bazaar.  I'm sure looking at the other people on this site I am mildly disabled, I am still able to work.  Of course I have to work to pay for the medications.  I know alot of you out there have that problem.  I have been a nurse for 30years.   When I was a visiting nurse I use to see young disabled people who lived on nothing.  Literally a year , a stupid year after being considered disabled before our government gives them anything to live on.  I saw several people loose their homes, savings , everything, that is the real crime.  People who have disabilities are the toughest hard working people in the world.  Be proud of yourself that you can even do simple things.  Don't let anyone treat you like a lesser person.  As you can tell I still have a lot of anger .  MY husband can go out and do anything he wants to.  I spend all my energy working and then have nothing left.  I have already had 6 surgeries.  My favorite pet peeve is " you take alot of medications" .  The future scares me to death.
savoiemike savoiemike
Aug 21, 2010