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Around 4 years ago while I was volunteering for the Peace Corps in the country of Belize I experienced an extremely severe heat stroke.  To be honest I am lucky to be alive- my body temperature reached 107 degrees and I awoke from a coma 3 weeks later.  I have a tremendous support system around me, but my life is so different.  I have a brain injury, and a laundry list of physical, speech and occupational issues.  I used to be an athletic, confident young man, but now I am a 32 years old  fighting depression and on permanent disability  I have been told by my nuerologist that I would make a full recovery, but as the days, months and years go by my hope is starting to dissipate.  I still feel like I have a lot offer.  I haven't lost hope yet, but it has become painfully obvious that I am disinterested in things I previously enjoyed.
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1 Response Oct 20, 2011

I am not in the same situation exactly but I can relate to what you're saying. I am 22 and have been dealing with a severe chorinc pain condition for 3 years. It keeps me in bed most of the time and has a huge impact on my cognitive function, especially memory. It is so difficult to feel like you're losing the person you once were. I feel that way too. We will find ways to be our own people though, when it comes down to it I truly believe that. Writing is good. We have an opportunity to educate and encourage people by talking about these experiences. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience.

I just want you to know that you are not alone. Sending love and support to you.