I am 28 years old and have had Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis all of my life. I tried working for 11 years but it slowly became more painful everyday. Finally, last year I was able to start getting disability and SSI. I have few visable disabilities but every medication I've tried doesn't help with the pain. Most people look at me and can not understand why I don't work...mind your own business! Now that I'm not on my feet all day I feel better but it still hurts some. However I'm still capable of walking, talking, doing some normal everyday activity...but most people are not disabled and work everyday. How can I stay busy? It's hard when you can't do physical things, but the boredom is driving me crazy! :)
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I have that too!!!! :D yay a pain buddy :3

I can truly understand how u feel. It feels good to know I'm not alone in this struggle. I am 29 y/o on disability for brittle diabetes, migraines, and diabetic neuropathy. I get the stares and people that don't "see" my disability and can't understand why I no longer work either.My family supports and encourage me but I still sometimes feel guilty for not having a job or making a contribution to "society." I do try to volunteer in the community and try to be active in church activities on good days so maybe that is something u can consider. If you don't mind maybe we can keep in contact to keep encouraging and supporting each other. Nothing better than someone who truly understands what u are going through for that. My name is Shaunda and my email is cvldreese@gmail.com.