I Was Injured At Work

I was injured at work due to my own stupidity, others stupidity, and other various causes. 
You know how they say that "once you injure it, it's never the same"

at 19, I injured my back for the first time.
I'm now 23 and can hardly lift at all

I have sciatica, prior to the injury, so i have always known pain, but with these injuries, i am NEVER out of pain. I have a severe limp.

I also am Hard of Hearing because of multiple surgeries i had as an infant

Lets face it, i'm just screwed. 

I'm not trying to say that those who are disabled are worthless or pathetic, please don't misunderstand me. I have great respect for anyones achievements and accomplishments

I just feel sorry for myself sometimes because of the things i am less able to do now. 

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4 Responses May 18, 2007

I also feel for you realy, you truly a strong women, with only my hard of hearing desability, i know how tough it is...i wish one day you will get better and stronger..<br />

when i was young, i always try to head my desability, hard of hearing desability...but now, in my best experience in life i have learned that people treats me according to my attitude towards them, not because of my desability..(generaly speaking, i know life is quit tough!!)..

oh yeah!!! know that feeling every day of our life, it is horindous pain and there is nothing you can so about it accept take your meds and hhope they kick in fast

I feel for you, i really do.<br />
Its horrible to watch people do things you can't do because of personal physical barriers.<br />
My brother is badly disabled, he dosent realise on what he is missing out on. I feel terribly for people like this, i wish there was some way for me to help. when i am older, i hopefully will :).<br />
<br />
Love From Me xx