everytime I get ready for college I thought  "hey.. I'm older than all of these people and they haven't wasted 3 years of college life like I did" something I regret doing.. but I think it's more than the peeps to make me feel older than 21.. It's the motivation.. since socialising is somehow dead for me.. I must have go on feeling a lot older...
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I was doing accounting.. which needed a lot of mental strength, not just confidence... I was out of place.. and gotten mentally ill as well because of it... I didn't finish the course but bounced around failing and repeating for three years.. but now I feel better because I'm doing something else... not because it's any easier though...

May I ask, how come you "wasted three years of college life?" Socializing is dead for me as well. I just go in, do what I need to do, and get out . It's hard sometimes looking around the room and people are socializing. Makes me feel like an idiot. A mute idiot. People just don't know me and assume there's something strange about me. I've learned to cope somewhat because I'm used to it. I've had to deal with it all through high school as well.