I Had Never Felt Old Until...

This incident was so eye opening! lol

So I was 19 years young and had just bought my first car. It wasn't new by any means but for me it was NEW. It was a 96' Chrysler Cirrus. So my younger sister and I are driving around in it feeling all happy and excited about me finally having a car. She's 10 years old. As children do she's poking around, hitting every button she can see. Then she come's to the cassette player door slot. After flipping it back and forth a few times, she ask's in complete seriousness,
"What is THIS for? It's WAY too small for a CD to fit in it!"
I was baffled. She REALLY didn't know what a cassette tape was. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. At that moment for the first time ever I had honestly felt old. A person who is an entire 10 years of age had NEVER seen something that I used to use to record songs from the radio when I was just slightly YOUNGER than HER. I just couldn't believe it.
Later on that day I showed her what a cassette tape was and she thought it was the "coolest". lol. She uses Ipods and other advanced technologies but she thought a CASSETTE TAPE was cool. ha-ha. Way too funny. I guess some things never losetheir "cool" factor...NOT.lol.
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Oh, I know just what you mean (although I have a more advanced case of age -- I have a daughter your age) but I remember the pace of technology change. My first computer (which I didn't get until I had graduated from college and was working as a programmer) ran DOS and it had 656Kb of RAM (no hard drive, just a 5 1/2 inch floppy disk drive) -- my daughter went off to college this past fall with a laptop with 6 Gb of RAM and a smartphone that is really a pocket sized computer.