I would like to know why some people look at that as a negative? I have been called many a not so nice thing because of the way I "ACT"...not that I really care....just curious why the negative remarks?...oh I am sure there are some legit reasons but all in all I would like to think it's just because they wish they could be the same

Juvenile....why?....because I jump on the bed with my kids?

Immature...why?....because I am stubborn and stand my ground?

Childish....why?....because I like to still participate in my childhood games?

Unrefined....why?...because I let my kids ride their bikes in the house and do back flips on the couch?

whatever their 'WORD" or reason it matters not...I am who I am...and that is...someone who does not let age have them by the horns but has youth by the tail!

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I feel such negative folks around me too. They know me as a child (I am 24 years old) they say I act like a 7 year-old child. Why? Because I love cartoons<br />
Why? cuz I love people<br />
Why? cuz I try to make people laugh<br />
That is nonsense<br />
I give you a hug hell cat, please donot scratch me;);)