Hello zarkians..

First of all i thank you ALL for joining me and I, from heart, totally respect your decision.

We all have got our own personal, friends circle, family, goal oriented, busy life. I understand this because even i have got my own personal life. every day we wake up, we do our routine works, we go to school/college/job, we smile, we cry, we laugh, we enjoy, etc., but the same moment when ua living ur casual life, there are other persons who locked themselves in dark room, crying, screaming in mind to die. some stood on the bridge ready to suicide, some are eating pills to die, some are cutting their hands, some are cursing themselves for being in wrong relationships, every day when they wake up, they curse themselves for being alive. This is a worst fact that in this modern era, every one, 7,8,9,10 years, and so on till 40,50,60 years old, every one is involved or intrested in relationships. and among them more than 80% relations are with wrong persons which eventually leads to breakup, humiliation, depression, suicidal thoughts, murdering thoughts, and most worst thing they find themselves alone to share what they have been gone through. they are shy to share with parents, friends dont have much time to listen, strangers dont give damn importance to atleast Pat on their back when they see any1 sad.

We have to be so high in strength to reach them all. try to increase our strength. let people in.

zarkians try to understand they need some1 to hear them cry, see them sad, to atleast hear them.. are we really so so and so BUSY to atleast hear someone who needs help? or are we so lazy to involved in this?. its not going to take away anything from us but for sure will give a lot to others.
iam not requesting to help or do a big thing, if you know what is zarkian,
iam jus asking, ARE YOU A ZARKIAN?
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26-30, M
Aug 17, 2014