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me, myself and i..  half the time i don't get me and the other half of the time i get me and shake my head and wonder why?  i want to be accepted for who i am and loved for who i am.. i dislike so many things though.. arrogance, self righteousness, conceitedness, hypocracy, hate, discrimination.. oh the list goes on and on.  i just want to be a plain simple person who is capable of love.  i have so much love inside me, love is a very strong word and is used so much that it seems to lose it's significance but real love, the love a child has, the love a new mother feels when she sees her baby for the first time, the love of an elderly couple who still hold hands.. that is the love i am searching for and hope to find one day.  im too jaded to settle atthis point in my life.  I don't like being single but i know the alternative is worse.. being in a relationship that is meaningless and hurtful.  i don't ever want to hurt another human being again in my life.. so i try and e as honest as possible in my relationships. 
im not beautiful, there is nothing special or eye catching about me, im not a supermodel or a beauty queen and unfortunately the world is shallow and verything is based upon looks.. im so tired of hearing people say im not their type..  type .. so you date your type and youve got a high maintenacne chick on your arm that you don't really like and who is probaly cheating on you or your cheating on her with me.. the one who isn't your type.. it's all so ridiculous.. if all the world were lind and we had to chose our mates for something.. what would it be? 
most animals in nature mate for life.. i want to find my penguin.. does he exist?
I don't want to be judged or be typed or be dismissed because of who you think i am.. i wouldn't do that to you...
friends are the things in life that keep us grounded and the ones who are true friends are the ones you want to give part of yourself to not the ones you use for your own convenience
so anyway.. im just me.. and if you think you want to be my friend.. that would be wonderful.. because in this world there are wooden ships and iron ships ut the most precious of all are friendships.. the best journey of all
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2010

beautifully written... :)

You know? I really like your post. So often I don't "get" ME. I wish life weren't so complex and that people were always at least civil to each other. I am blessed to have the love of my children. Wish I could have/feel/rediscover romantic love. <br />
<br />
Unfortunately, I don't think anyone else can accept me as I am, until *I* do. So I'm working to get who I am on the outside more inline with who I am on the inside, this year. <br />
<br />
Hope you make all the friends your heart desires, who each accept you just the way you wish!

Well said... I think I like you my new friend...LOL