I leave each passing day just for the sake of leaving.....i try to find my purpose in life but it all seem blured to me.....i'am trying to be strong..i really don't wanna give-up...i just wish i had someone to give inspiration.
kissbykarma kissbykarma
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I've read some of your other stories, and I don't think I'm quite as numb, but I know how it feels.<br />
<br />
When I put this aside to help someone else in need, it soothes and heals this kind of aching I carry too often in my heart. I wish you the best in the mean time. I do hope you get better eventually, if not sooner.

When I need inspiration of the kind that nature, art or other people may not always provide, I usually find inspiration with my favorite writers. Personally, I love what Rumi / Mevlana writes, Kahlil Gibran, but also inspirators like Susan Jeffers when I need some courage, Marianne Williamson if I feel need for warmth and writings on love, Eckhart Tolle if I let my thoughts drive me out of the present.. is that an idea perhaps?