I Am

I am not a rock nor an island. I am only who I am and nothing more. I am here and you are there. I am only a humanoid with many things goingthrough my mind and what has taken place in my life. I am of course doing my best in order to help others do what they want to do. I am also an interesting individual who has many interests. In the past i was not a really nice person but rather a more of  aguy who just did not fully give one care for others and did what I thought was best in my own interest. Not many did like me for what I have done or even said. A few might think much different of me but I did not fully give a care and had little caring for anyone.

Today am a different individual who has changed over the past 25 years. Many people love me and in the same manner love them. It all depends on who that individual is and what they think of me as well. I am willing to take chances and have. I took a chance by coming to China in order to teach oral English and love it very much. I am curious all the time of places I travel to here in China and want to know more. China is of course a huge land with a mass of people. Big cities along with small ones. Crowded buses, trains and busy streets. Bikes are everywhere and many families have at least 2 of them. Students love them as a means of getting around where they live.

I am here and where are you?
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Many factors I think and did a great job in doing so.

Do you think it was the physical act of moving to a new place, or that you, like red wine, needed a few years to mellow that brought about these changes? I am contemplating moving to another country myself as soon as I'm healthy enough (physically, economically, and psychologically), probably in 1 or 2 years.