Follow My Dreams!

By: Jamie Lee

Society continues to be a bottomless abyss of malice, deceit, fraud, greed, and discrimination!

Too many occasions are my hopes and dreams turned into a chaotic mess by me and the people around me. I again try to have a positive outcome!

How can I expect other people to believe in me when I don’t believe in myself?

So many times I suffer from chronic unhappiness.

In my humaneness, I am one of the most precious parts of creation.

I shall always try to look through eyes which see beauty, in, and all around me. Whether the beauty is reflected in a beautiful painting or a single daffodil in an, expansive field.

I shall always endeavor to hear the beauty in all the sounds that break the world’s silence, and at times sing in my heart.

Life for me from infancy and been monstrous, painful and an agonizing affair. And, I wish to bring peace and tranquility into my tortured life. At times I feel that my personality is “colorless”

If you take food coloring and serve such delicacies as royal blue mashed potatoes or bright orange cauliflower along with passionate purple pudding you will not like it!

So is my personality. People chose the color in their own manner and ignore the true essence of who I am!

I am a “Rainbow” which will lead to a more precious treasure than a proverbial pot of gold.

I feel an even deeper beauty that can ever be found in spoken sounds. I thrill to the beauty in the textures that surround me, whether; I am touching the most expensive velvet or the smoothness of satin. Even in the smoothness of glass.

Each day I want to fine more understanding and appreciative of the gift of my life.

My appreciation shall increase my happiness and my happiness will continually increase my appreciation!

JamieLee1 JamieLee1
51-55, F
May 24, 2011