I Am Alone

i have cerebrel palsy so sometimes i have good days and some i wonder why i'm here on earth i feel alone and seems like things are always my fault i have never had a girlfriend and i don't have anyone to talk to that is in my position. people look at me and think i'm slow or retarted but i'm not if only people knew that they lost a chance to have a good friend. people think my wheelchair holds me back but i don't think so maybe one day i will find the right girl for me.
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You're never alone on ep

waow..people always see the outside....but your inner side is excellent...

Hello there modernpro. You know what? Sometimes, you read what someone has got to say and there is this feeling of personality that lifts from the words. I get the feeling that you're a top guy and I'm pleased to have you listed as a friend on my profile. And another thing: I admire you, a great deal. I have the habit of sometimes banging on a bit about this that and the other but you have inspired me to pick myself up, dust myself down and carry on regardless. Don't ever think you're alone. Message me if you ever want to talk, and if I'm on, I'll be there for you. Take care and don't let the buggers grind you down!


I had my first kiss at 19

Hey - don't put yourself down, you are a fab guy and even though you are in a wheelchair , you still have soo much to give. don't let your cerebrel palsy get you down, i often say too that there are plebty of fish in the sea and a girl will come a long one day and also you should make friends, try and get out there start mixing with people, sure there are places for you to go to, to meet new friends.....................go on give it a go

I agree thanks

Do people tell you they think you're mentally challenged or slow? Do people tell you that because you are in a wheelchair that you can't keep up? <br />
OR is that what you think those people are thinking?<br />
If people tell you they think you're slow, what do you say to them? I would probably say to them "Yup I'm slow, I like to take my time...What's your excuse?"<br />
And as for your wheelchair...well, I can say this, any woman LOVES to be swept off her feet! Remind her that you are VIP baby! You have priority in all airports and by-pass all line ups for almost everything that's how VIP you are! <br />
LOVE YOURSELF as you are, and you will see that you are right for doing so! People treat you and see you just as you see yourself. So take a good look at cool, relaxed and VIP self and enjoy your life. You will find a lady who sees just how awesome you really are and if she's good enough, you just might share your VIP status with her.

most of the time i hear people saying it but thanks for the advice