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Why Not Alone?

My head is in the clouds and I'm way pass go I'm not like them is that why I'm not so gone My think process is different does that mean I have a lose screw somewhere and don't know Should I believe everything everyone tells me but I have one question how the hell you know oh because she told you..okay so I'm suppose to go with the head is in the clouds and I'm pass me someone who was there when the bible was love your religion like I love my oh no I'm not wrong if you think it's not real then prove me wrong..I can't believe what you tell me I need hard core facts show me the man who walk the universe hand to hand with my lord.. Show me the first ever bible and the person who written the book of truth or fiction..don't get me wrong my father is real but the tricks that lucifer play I don't trust I march to the beat of my own drum and that's too be alone in enjoy myself in this heads in the cloud and I'm never coming down
Humblethoughts Humblethoughts 31-35 May 12, 2012

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