I Am Me:

I am filled with flaws and imperfections.I say things that sometimes I don't mean.I regret stuff from the past.I always act silly.I get mad.I cry.I am not a super model.I'm not perfect.Just plain old me.Like me for who I am or not.I don't care.I have been through a lot.I am a friend.I'm a shoulder to cry on.An advicer.A perfectionist.I tell you everything to your face.I face my fears.I stand up for what I believe.Most of all I am me.Spunky,shy,loud,happy,Im the center of light.I can soothe you to sleep or make you laugh.Brighten your day with just a smile.Truth is i'm still growing up and learning as I go.I fall and then I get back up again.I'm not always right but I pull through.I don't always accept change and I like to stick with what I know.I like to learn new things and make the best out of every situation.My friends are my world.God is my savior and I know the truth.I'm loyal and once I get attached it's hard for me to let go.I get hurt alot.I stumble a lot.I'm clumbsy.I'm a goody goody.Yet when it comes the time for me to step up I do.I meet deadlines,reliable,and just plain old me.I won't try to change you,but don't take advantage of my nice side.I can be intimidating as well.I can be your worst nightmare.I try not to because no matter how angry I am at a person I can't hold grudges.It's a waste of happiness.I get sad and my best friend is gone.I miss her.She was my everything.I know things get better,they always do.I define who I am not the world!
Jenna1225 Jenna1225
22-25, F
2 Responses May 14, 2012

omg.. this is so truthful and beautiful....

:D beauty is in the eye of the beholder I just try to be myself

Amen to that! There aren't many people who are as strong and determined as you are! Keep on because you can change the world!