I Am Going To Share Some Goofiness With You About Belly Button Charms!

It's MONDAY....These suckers roll around once a week and we have a CHOICE!! We can either *sigh* deeply.......*roll our eyes* and plod thru it, as best we can....OR...we can get busy and grin our way thru!!  Goofiness is an AWESOMELY proactive way of accomplishing this......So thinks me anyways...

So for today I want to talk about "belly button charms"  These things can send a REAL message to others or they can help us use old and tired cliches in new and sillier ways!!  I am gonna wear my lil red apple charm today and when folks comment on it.....I will tell them that:

See......An old favorite cliche... redone with nothing more then complete GOOFINESS, in mind!!

Plus, it's true...my little red apple sits right over my belly button and will keep dust from settling in there!!    Sometimes the best way to enjoy a full and rich life is to focus all we got...on the  little things that mean sooooooo much!!  I'm just doin my part!! 

I TOTALLY just cracked myself up typing this....I need more coffee....

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Flasher, it'll be fun to see what you write!! :D

Flasher, I totally cracked up reading that!! I do think it would be a great lil conversation starter tho!! A little armored shield could be wayyy sexy and manly and a TOTAL attention grabber!! :D

Awww bb good luck at your appt. I bet you do a fine job at it.....

cute story sierra. i guess im prone to the dangers of belly button lint thru my ignorance =O. Think I also had too much coffee since its 230am here and i have to get up early and after laying in bed 2 hrs now scared to sleep (heavy sleeper) oh sheeesh made a coffee when i got up out of reflex too. fast learner lol

Aww thank bb, I hope you manage to get some sleep soon!! hugs and hugs

thank you sierra. hehee ill be back to silly oclock but the appt. is not one i can chance missing ah well such is life ;) *hugs*

Good story.

aww thanks Stoner!

jealous beyotch chased everybody out of her life so now she trolls the internet. sure they hate on the happy people. they got nothing better to do. dont let them get to you cc. the world needs more of you. you'd be missed in here. your like sunshine little girl to anybody that knows you.

aww thanks myaah.....you're right..haters hate cause maybe that's all they have left..... bummer.... :(

Sie--<br />
Bravo my love!<br />
This sad excuse for a human--<br />
is quite obviously a--<br />
bitter hag--filled with rage and envy.<br />
Nothing advertises these traits quite as effectively as one reaching out in this way.<br />
I would feel sorry for her but--<br />
she simply is not worthy of my pity.<br />
I do approve of your shedding light on some of these intrusive clods.<br />
They clamor and whine about heartache and hurt--<br />
Yet think nothing of generating harm and directing it towards others--<br />
without provocation.

looking4, I HATE the whole idea of jealousy...What's the point? We people who aren't even in the same circles so what's to be jealous of? I've never read somebody elses stuff and felt jealousy....I just don't, "get" that whole idea......
Thanks for sticking up for me tho.....It sucks that you did nothing but get all ticked off in here, this morning. We're suppose to be having fun..... :(

Posted by petitecoquine on May 23rd, 2012 at 8:06PM<br />
<br />
I don't know what's making me laugh more, the dumb story or the even dumber comments...<br />
<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
Since petitecoquine wanted some attention...I say lets give her some!!<br />
I recopied her post and put it here cause sometimes these insulting folks like to come back and delete their stupidity once they are called on it. <br />
<br />
I have deleted TONS of remarks like this and some way worse. I usually don't say much or anything about them cause it really isn't worth my time or bother but I am in a mood to discuss stuff like this this morning!! :D<br />
<br />
Thanks in part to a couple of my buddies pm'ing me about it. This happens quite a bit that some lame person with "issues" throws a mean comment on one or 10 of my threads and some of my buddies see it and we discuss it. That's sorta COOL!!<br />
<br />
I have half a mind to make a group like, "I will post your attempts at stupidity on my threads" <br />
I mostly think folks do this as a way to bring attention to their own profile. Some do it to try and impress others. But lets face it, What's dumber then reading a story you think is dumb..Then reading ALL the comments and taking the time to post an insult?<br />
Not only trying to insult me but ALL the folks who were nice enough to comment...<br />
<br />
Can we safely say the person needs a life? I don't waste my time reading what I don't enjoy or posting insults to anyone. I have way better things to do with my time!<br />
I am talking about this now cause it's on MYYY thread and what happens in my stories just invites me and others to discuss it. <br />
<br />
Notice...I didn't go onto her profile and say anything because I am setting an example for what I say.....I KNOW for a fact I wouldn't enjoy anything she had to say just because she did this....So I wouldn't "waste" my time. <br />
<br />
I do block insulting people. I know enough nice ones in here to enjoy that I don't need to deal with the ones with "issues." I know some might say to "just keep ignoring them" I probably will but every now and then it is good to have a heart and give them some of the attention they so desperately want. <br />
<br />
I do have a lil advice for pc tho. If you want to impress folks or get the "good" sort of attention you might need..... try being nice!! YUPPERS!! That works well! I'm NOT saying my story couldn't be seen as "dumb" either. I said it was "goofy" in the title!! But I am totally comfy with being goofy! GOOFY ROCKS!!

Looking4, That's kinda cool to read!! :)

Sie--<br />
This was a delightful read on Tuesday as well-- ;-)

The goofy giggle girl always makes me smile .... :o))))

aww thanks Laffs. I think we do pretty good crackin each other up!! You're no slacker when it comes to fun either!! :D

Well you did get me to smile! Now today I will need to be searching for belly button charms at the pool! I don't think many of the woman there wear them, darn! <br />
I know of two that do..hehe! now why would I know that????

Awww bigguy..I'm glad I got a grin outta you!! God luck on your Belly button charm search!! I totally watch for them too! Then again I have always LOVED the way peoples tummies look....Male or female....Nothing pervy...I just think bodies look really cool! :D

we have one gal with ahhh many tattoos on her body. I keep getting caught trying to read the one that goes down her clevage! what an odd spot for words! I am sure the thinks I am a perv.

bigguy...Ya know what? I bet if you go up to her and tell her you think her tattoos are nice she'll let you read them all!! I have read a lot of folks bodies. I'm respectful and never touch them but most folks with tattoos love it when folks ask them about them or complement them on them. I almost think a girl who has words tattooed in her cleavage wouldn't mind you reading them!! :D I've NEVER had a tattooed person get mean with me when I ask them either! :)

Well it is funny because she is a very shy person. You would not expect all the tattoo's.
she even has full sized angel wings on her back. lol

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Hey, sie, if you would dress like me, you would never have to worry about getting your belly button ring stuck on anything....EXCEPT.... possibly hub's teeth.....

Mewold I LOVE to dress like you when I'm home but doing that at work might land me in one of those orange jumpsuits with a number on one side!! I TOTALLY need a tan before I look good in orange!! :D

Poor hubs got me a cute little Christmas tree charm back during the holidays and first thing out, we were foolin around on his desk and he got scratched by it!! So from then on he'd tell me to "de-tree" myself before we got naughty!! :D

Settee yourself. Now, that's funny. Bon tells me to "put the twig away." I wonder what she means by that.....

Detree yourself...... I HATE auto correct!

Aww thanks Affinity....My pants all fall well under it so far!! I've been using the little smooth charms that don't snag too and that helps.... I have hit everybody who mentioned it with my recycled cliche and so far so good...I've gotten a bunch of giggles out of it!! Yayyy for Monday grins!!<br />
One of our Tai Chi peeps, a little 80 yr.old fellow, offered to act as "quality control" and inspect it to be sure my "testimonial" is all correct....That got a bunch of laughs from the Tai Chi group!! But they all know what an outrageous little flirt he is....They also know I love him dearly!! ♥ :D

Aww thanks WO.... :D I'm tryin to improve Mondays one grin at a time!! ♥

wildcat....aww I'm glad it made you smile. You're right too I do!! :D

Aww hugs and hugs... :)

You bet Fitandfun and thanks!! It's the ONLY way too roll!! :D

Plaid....I TOTALLY cracked up reading your comment!! Thanks!! HAPPY MONDAY to you too! :D

MORE coffee? I'm kind of thinking that cutting back might be a better idea... I know, I know, it's a navel...erm novel idea.<br />
<br />
Happy Monday!

Sie--my love.<br />
Your whimsical charms--<br />
never cease to delight and amaze me.<br />
Rest assured--<br />
Your--navel ornamentation--will ensure my own enjoyment--<br />
on this Monday as well. ;-)

Awww, good, rough guy....You know me...a real team player and anything I can do to make your week better...I'll TOTALLY give it a shot!! Thanks rough guy!! I like it when I get ya all DELIGHTED!! ;)

I'm glad I got a giggle outta you too rough guy!!

I do not--giggle--
I --chuckle-- ;-)

dont lie you do so giggle you just want to butch it up and call it another name.

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AHAHAH this was so CUTE! I'm laughing even though I have one eye open.. ahahah.. Yes Mondays - we just have to grin and bear them!

Awww thanks RR!! Laughin thru it helps a little!! :D