Invading My Thoughts

I wake in the morning and realize you are not there.
I drive to work and I am wondering if you're awake.
I hear a song at work and I smile thinking of you.
I have a coffee at lunch and wonder if you finished with Jordan.
I drive home after work and try to remember what class you are in.
Are you finishing yet?
I am home getting dinner on the go and wonder what you will be eating.
I sit watching t.v and wish that we were snuggled up together.
I go to bed at night wishing I could wrap my arms around you, bury my face in your neck and just breathe you in.
We have grown so far apart.
Yet we have just begun.
You are forever invading my thoughts.
I wonder if I invade yours?

Pancer Pancer
46-50, F
Nov 27, 2012