Captain's Log 123121038

It is day 6 ok recovering from the flu sickness. This has been a terrible sickness that I've encountered. Maybe on of the worst sicknesses I've had since a youth. Day one started as a simple soar throat and chest congestion while day 2 left me feeling congested in the sinuses and throat. This is mainly general for me since when I get sick my asthma usually kicks in, I was taking vitamins, at least 8 to 10 different types of vitamins. Before day 3 kicked in good, I was feeling really bad. I woke up out of my sleep to find that I was cold but I was sweating. I went to use the restroom and as I came back from the restroom, before I got chance to lay down, I had to vomit. This seemed like it lasted more than thirty minutes. As I felt this to calm or ease its way down, I wanted to lay down. This wasn't happening. i got up and went to my grandma's room and knocked on the door. I was going to ask her for a thermometer so I can take my temperature but as soon as she opened her door, I got weak and felt my body like it wanted to shut down and I was heading face first down to the floor. I grabbed hold to the wall before I hit the floor. I crawled and crawled to get to somewhere I could sit down. I was definitely weak. My grandma went ahead an called 911 to send for an ambulance. By then, I had crawled my way to the living room and sat on the couch in the living room, as of where I am know. My room just wasn't the place to be right then. This was around 4:30 in the morning. My Godmother made it over and we thought it was the ambulance. See felt my back and commented that my back was cold and that it looked like I was changing colors. Not good news. The ambulance had made it and before they could walk into the door and see me really good, the first thing they stated was "you got the flu". I couldn't really focus much because everything inside me was going haywire. They took my vitals and everything was perfect. Got to the hospital where they tested me for strepp and something else. When the doctor came in, he let me know off rip that there was nothing that he could do for me other than let the flu run its course. This, I did not want to hear. I was so weak that I couldn't see the doctor while he was in front of me. Another nurse came in with my release papers and prescription. I went on home. Grandma went and filled my prescription while I rested. I was felling so out of it at this time. She returned and cooked up some soup and a glass of Ginger Ale. I looked so pitiful trying to make it from the living room to the eating table. I ate, took my meds, and returned back to lay down. Here, now, is day 6 and I feel like it is trying to double back around. I am making sure this time that I have all the precautions needed in order that I be prepared in case the flu decides to stay for a few more nights. It is no fun in being sick...
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
Dec 3, 2012