In Each Other's Hearts

I spend my evenings thinking of her. Wondering if she'll call. If she doesn't, tomorrow she will say how come I didn't hear from you? All the while I am wondering what is wrong with her fingers.

I have a home, kids (adult) and 2 business' to run. One I run from home. My hours basically. Though of course I do try to accomodate my clients as much as a possibly can. I am home 4 or 5 evenings out of the week.

She is in school. Working on her 2nd degree. Full time student. Lives with her mother. Schooling keeps her busy.

We spend so very ;little time together. Hard for there to be intimacy, bonding, loving, advancement.

We are in each other`s hearts.

Going out for dinner with a new friend tomorrow night. She has been a client of mine for many years now. It will be just the 2 of us.

She will be studying for exams.

I will be going to a Christmas party with a good friend of mine as my date,
She will be studying for exams.

We are in each others thoughts.

Sunday I will be christmas shopping..

She will be studying for exams.

We are in each others hearts.

Tonight we will go to sleep with out our good night call.

She called this morning.

I called her back this afternoon.

Haven`t hear back.

Now I am going to bed alone.

She is probably watching TV.

We are in each others hearts.
Pancer Pancer
46-50, F
Dec 6, 2012