I Am. In Need

I am writing this because I feel I am in need of a ,"normal" experience. Just to measure up where I'm at.
One where there is no need to play either a sub or Dom role, or for their to be any level of experience in types of sex or fetishes. Does this only exist in marriages? or long term relationship? Is it boring? Wot is to like about it? Just wondering.
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There is no right or wrong in relationships,, Fetishes are something that other people see , not the people who indulge this habit or desire. I'm my mind, there are two diferent types of intamacy. There is sex/*******,, and there is making love,, one is a physical release, the other is a emotional bonding. Sounds like you need some one to make love to you,, not just ****.

In some quarters, fetishes are seen as a mental disorder/disorder of sexual preference, therefore it is not normal and wouldn't be seen in a loving and caring relationship or marriages. So if you want a normal relationship void of fetishes, seek a like minded partner.

it depends upon the other person with whom u want to do this this can be enjoyable too

I have been in may relationships where we did not have a sub or dom role, and most of them were not boring. We both would let the other know what we liked or let them to things as they liked to do them. In fact the only boring sexual experience have had was when I was married. Her idea of good sex was to pop in some **** suck on me for about 2 or 3 minutes, then have me go down on her until she had her big ****** eat it then she would role over and go to sleep.

If you can't find anything exciting then normal kicks in because you still want to get laid

I'd like to view 'normal as what would please me , and what I could do to please my partner.
my personal opinion of role play and Dom/ sub, is to add spice and variety to an active sex life. Not strictly for married couples

I think "normal" relationships can be tantalizing in their subtleness and innocence.