ITS a Poem.. It Describes My Frustration With the Way the World Is..

I say a prayer

 For all the injured souls

My hand reaches out in a quiet manner

 That they heed or hear not

 I wish to sooth and heal their wounds

 To help them let go and rise above

 And feel the light and love that> '> s theirs


 The vivid grey clouds over them

 so heavy and blinding, awaiting to rain

 I know you struggle to see beyond

 But where is the warmth that will melt them down

 And shower away the fog

 thats so full of doubt and distrust


 Senses shutting down

 With the anger turned inwards, u frown

 Polluting your very being

 And causing others to shut down in return

 On and on the bricks crumble

 With its momentum taking one and all


 I am there right at the bottom

 Pushed there for you wont look up and lighten

 Come on hurry up, for I need to breath

 Buried and smothered, its making me weak.


inannaa inannaa
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

thanks a lot! i did write it.. at my workdesk ;)<br />
m so glad u liked it :)

This was REALLY good! DId you write this? If so or if not, thank you for sharing. Beautiful