I Am Shocked and Hurt He Moved His New Girl In

I knew that this was coming! I don't know why I am so surprised! I guess I thought this girl he had been bragging about that he met through a dating service was a figment of his imagination! Or perhaps he was making it up to hurt me. He did some plumbing work at my cousins today. He flips open his camera phone and shows my cousin her picture. Turns out she moved in with him yesterday afternoon. Then he was brazen enough to check his voicemail and put it on speaker phone so my cousin could hear this new girlfriend leaving him a sweet lovey dovey message! He has never liked heavy set women. In fact I had put on some weight during my relationship with him which he complained about I have since lost most of it! Turns out this girl is twice my size. I know looks don't matter but he is a very critical person. He made my self esteem low on many levels. I can only imagine what he will do to hers. Funny thing is he usually dates very attractive women and he expects alot from a woman and he is very materialistic also. He wants a woman with the perfect looks, Perfect job, and a woman who acts like June Clever or Mrs. Brady from the brady bunch. He has unrealistic ideas of what  a woman needs to be. In light of all this that describes him I am not being mean but he sure as hell is no Brad Pitt himself. He thinks he is though he has a huge ego! But he will nit pick other peoples flaws like he is such a stud! This new girl is gonna have her hands full! I think he chose to date someone like this because maybe he feels she is vulnerable and easier to control. I know he was controlling with me. He would tell me what color of nail polish to wear and would get mad when I got my hair cut. He wanted me to have very long hair down to my rear end. Which is not conveinant at my age I am not 20 years old. Everytime I got a hair cut he would practically measure the back and complain they cut too much even though I asked them to do it. He watched everything I ate so bad that I started secretly eating to satisfy my cravings behind his back. If I had gone all day without eating and was starved he would watch me and pick me apart and make comments on how much I ate. This was a bad way to live. It only made me eat more. This is why I know this new girl doesn't know what she has gotten herself into. We all know how fattening drinking alcoholic beverages can be right? Well he liked to go out drinking and wants his girl to drink and party hard like he does. Well Its hard to expect to lose weight and watch what you eat all week when he wants and expects you to spend the weekends consuming alcohol. That right there will blow any diet plan out the window. What a lose lose situation.
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you may be one of those women who like guys who treat them like ****...for some reason you like that//<br />
Don't get me wrong, Im an Italian "street raised dude" but I still open doors, call when I say i will, pay the check, hug you in public when other women flirt w/ me and would LITTERALLY take a bullet or a knife for you <br />
<br />
but - I have no respect for women that fall for these guys who, "first of all are controlling ****** and are insecure, so they don't let there women look at other guys, (but they can look at girls in front of them)<br />
though-double standard in action)<br />
First of all lets relax sexually. don't be jealous or controling, let god, and nature guide us - ALWAYS remembering we are here to love each other , emotionally , phsyically and spiritually REMEMBER -UNCONDITIONAL-LOVE? <br />
Where is it??? <br />
where is true caring without possession...???[ <br />
BE Well-KindTiger

see men like that do not deserve women like you, im soo sorry it hurt you, he isnt worth your time and energy to worry about him you should have soo much better ^_^ if you need anyone to talk to you can always message me

That's pretty confusing, since he is a very picky and critical person. The weird part is, (not to be mean), but, why did he choose a kinda fat woman if he usually goes out with attractive women? maybe his mind or the way that he thinks change. Maybe now, he doesn't only judge people by the way they look, but by who they really are. They say, that a man's mind is fully mature when his in his latest 30's or when his 40, maybe that's what happened. His now mature enough to understand that looks don't matter. Of course he made your self esteem low if he kept complaining about the way you look. Don't worry, for me, his just another big jerk like most guys are. You're also right, I mean, it's not like his Brad Pitt or something, lol. My greatest advice is: forget him and just move on.