I Like The Title, Keep It!

I don't amigurumi yet but I plan on it. I'm at my parents' right now for a few days but when I get home.......oh joy! I don't know what I'll make. I'll just sit in the middle of my living room floor and surround myself with all my yarns. I'll let them speak to me. (Yes, I am certifiable.) I only just discovered amigurumi. I have seen pictures here and there of these little crocheted toys but didn't know it was a craze, a movement. I've been looking at all kinds of pictures and even joined an amigurumi group on Facebook. When I do make my first one, I will take a photo and attach it. I'm new to EP so if anyone cares to add me as a friend, that'd be great!
knittycat knittycat
41-45, F
Nov 24, 2010