Actually I Wanted a Different Experience Name....

My computer hiccuped, I was looking for Amigurumi groups and for some reason EP created this group. Let me say that the title is really bothering me. I didn't want I Amigurumi, I would have preferred I make Amigurumi. Makes more sense. But I'm at home, on a 10+ year old Mac and I can't use the full functionality of this site. I'm lucky I can even load the pages. So please excuse the weird wording of the title.


Amigurumi are little crocheted animals. IIRC, it's a Japanese type of doll. If you would like to see some, check out my photos here at EP, I have some pics of some of the ones I've completed there. I just finished a real cute one tonight. Well, I think it's cute. It may be a bit gory for some. It's Robbie the Rabbit from the Silent Hill 3 game. The thing that makes the doll is his bloody mouth. After spending time crocheting him, I found it hard to splotch red paint on his mouth. He was cute without it, but even more evily cute with it. I have him sitting on my desk here, looking at me with his evil polyclay smile. I took some pics with my mom's digital camera. Now, I just have to get to her house and get them onto the computer so I can get them posted.


Finally edited to add the picture of Robbie from Silent Hill....

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Thanks, I signed up for the free catalog as well & just got it today =)

Try<br />
<br /><br />
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The patterns are mostly under the kids sections under toys.

I have a ton of yarn and don't have the patience for clothes, if you have some crochet instruction pages for making them I would be very thankful.<br />
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I like making 'odd' stuff as well!<br />
<br />
I will join your group & be a funny Japanese creature with you, it meshes well with my name =D