Have you been dreaming of getting out of your wrong male body and been feminized into a sexy lady ? are you currently dressing as a lady and doing your best to be feminized ? Here is a chance to make your feminization dream come to reality. Am a very experienced goddess who has been training and feminizing males and bringing out the sexiness in them. Feminization is my natural make-up and i feel like winning a trophy whenever i make a ***** dream come true.. read my profile and be free to write me with respect if you want to know the true feminization dynamics.
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Hello mistress, I ready your post in 'I Am A Sissy Little Girl' I'm in interested

Hello maam. I am Sissy nikki. And i would love to be professionally feminized, permanantly and auctioned off or given to a friend whatever u want with me. I want to leave where i am at and start over as a full time woman. Maid and playtoy and party favor please tell me more about ur process. And how it all works. thank you for takin the time to read my message.

Many times have I wished somehow I could be turned into a woman. It would be so wonderful to be feminized. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and hugs.

For a long while I have wanted to cast off the male outer shell I was given at birth and embrace the woman I know I am inside. I know I need help with this ....I'm just to shy and embarrassed to ask. u_u

Can I be your sissy ****, Mistress?