I Believe I Am Indigo Adult

I have always known I was different in fact this belief was very strong as a child in the 70s. I had many hardships struggling with a dysfunctional family. However the majority of extended family members on my fathers side were drawn to me and very protective. I remember strange UFO sightings as a child and many alien dreams. I struggled in grade school and believe that I might have a mild case of dyslexia, early on I was placed in special reading and math classes, with a teacher also very protective, nurturing and sweet, I then began to place above my grade level in reading and basic math.
I have struggled all my life to find my purpose knowing I had one and that it set me apart of all the other people around me. I have never fit in in normal social structures however later in life I learned how to "pretend" through the use of humor. One physic told me I had no past lives, that I was new and "came from a place very very far away from this planet, I signed up for this assignment" and then she laughed when she told me "you are very very different, show people and don't be afraid for there is nothing to fear in your life."
I am and always have been very spiritual however have a major disdain for religion and can not understand why the world at large can not let go of the myths they cling to, sometimes this frustrates me to the point of anger, and I am very similar feelings towards our government as well, knowing this is not the US the founding fathers had in mind.
I have always been drawn to animals, I can usually feel their emotions and seem to make strange connections with them that I as of yet do not understand, as few years ago my cat was very very sick, having always been told I was a teacher, healer and animal empath by mystics I practiced a self taught version of Reiki on her for a few days, during her next vet visit the dr. told me she was completely healed and he simply could not understand how it happened, she was very sick and near death. I have spend the majority of my adult life alone and preferred it that way on lately in my 40s have I begun to feel very very lonely, isolated and depressed.
I have also just in the past year of two, having never been one for clutter, keepsakes etc. I have had a strong urge to purge many many of my possessions and only keep a few basic top quality functional items.
I understand we are here to bring about the world shift, but how and when? I have been searching for answers but the books written on the subject are very limited some seem crazy and the majority are catered towards children and not adults.
trand trand
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Omg!! This is soooo me! Ive never even heard the term b4 right now! Your post made me google it. I had no friggin idea!
A whole new world just opened up. Im tripping!

I too was amazed when I started reading on the subject and saw how much was exactly like my life. It was as if my life suddenly started to mean something and make sense to me.

Hi trand,

There are many books around but not all are genuine, Dolores Cannon talks about the concept as calling them; three waves (http://www.amazon.com/The-Three-Waves-Volunteers-Earth/dp/1886940150) and wanderers in The Law of One books and many others... Ive been one and searching since i was a teenager and its not easy to summarize all here so if you'd like to talk(and anyone who needs to reading this post), my skype is svadhina33...

Time's are changing so soon more will be evident to more of us....


I have read Dolores Cannon the three waves. Amazing book great material
and I too have noticed the signs that change is upon us.
Blessed Be

Well everyone I have took a total of 5 of the indigo adult tests and as I already knew I received a score of 24 out of 25? I already knew I had the high score

Wow!!! I can completely relate to about 98% of ur story!!!! I have struggled my whole life trying to find where I belong. So far nothing. Ppl sometimes don't know how to take me. Most just act like they do or they treat me like I don't have a clue as to what is going on. I have always had a special relationship with animals, almost like they understand me better than ppl do!! Recently I was in a position that I saved my bf's mother 's life with chest compressions she almost died!!! I have never took a class ever for any kind of cpr. Some how I knew exactly what to do. She is alive today!!! Can u tell me how do I know these things? I am in a universe of beings that look like me but my soul is so different!!!

I think acceptance is Key! Accepting yourself, being comfortable in who and what you believe you are and what your mission is. Relax and allow!

What if we're all just deluded about all this? Aren't we making ourselves more 'different' by giving ourselves a label that will further separate us from others. I'll admit that all it took was hearing "shes might be an indigo child" on TV before I knew anything about it, to send my spidey sense tingling. The word just stood out. But I'm still not convinced it's real.

I hear this comment a lot, people saying why do you think you're different, or better. My reply is I don't, for me the concept just makes sense, once I came to believe I was one, it's like a large door opened, it explained all the hardship, the feeling different as a child and teenager, I didn't fit into the norm I was and am different that is not better and certainly an more special than the next person, but it is special in the way that many of us are special or have a special something and it's great to find each other and connect here. All humans are on a journey of their own making it's the path to accession some of us are very aware of this, some of us have a ton of heavy lifting to make this all possible, some travel light and the journey is easy, still others wander aimlessly looking for the path without a light to show them the way.
Stay open to messages that come to you, for they will come from everywhere and listen with your heart it will tell you the answers in a time that is right for you to hear them.

Could you do me a favor and take this test to see if you have an INFP personality. It could be another explanation? That's what mine was and it sounds like just about the worst combination of traits a person could have =) Lucky me. But it can be altered. Anyway I find these kinds of tests fun, so have a go, you might enjoy it. Let me know what you get :)

Thanks for the advice by the way. On the one hand I look out for signs (when I'm looking for a book I should read, I just go to the second hand shop or Uni library and the right one finds me really) but I don't want to start making something out of nothing. I guess I know the difference, like when a dream is of that different kind, but a crazy person would make perfect sense to themselves. Then there's the struggle about spending too much time on this kind of 'stuff' and ignoring 'reality'. I've also heard about this turning into a cult thing. It's been shown there are people that have a cult mentality that will believe anything. Ever since I was young, 10 maybe, I've wanted to find my kind of people, like minded,no one seemed to care about the right things, every new band had to be great, any weird new trend embraced, not thinking that means more money spent, when the old stuff has not gotten old, but become redundant ( it's gotten better I think. Do you think we can now wear what we want? Within what can be bought,but there seems to be more tolerance for expression?) . So maybe it's just that we're the sort of people that join cults? Are looking for something to belong in.

Hi, I have taken the Meyers Briggs andI am a INFJ but I don't think of those elements and the combination there of as good or bad, while some combinations do have more difficultly "fitting in" they just are a bunch of labels making am attempt to explain the sum of you! What's wrong with being "different" and then searching out other different people such as yourself? I for one at this age in my life enjoy being different, learning the whys of me but I know I have only begun to scratch the surface

It's in my nature to question these things according to this test, as I was only marginally on the feeling side rather than thought.
"One of the few bottlenecks that INTPs impose upon themselves is their restless fear of possible failure. No other personality type worries that much about missing a piece of the mental puzzle or overlooking some crucial fact that might lead to a better solution. Unlike their more confident INTJ or ENTJ cousins, INTPs could spend ages reflecting on their actions. Even when an INTP is arguing with someone, this should be taken with a grain of salt – they might as well be arguing with their own mind." So I'll even argue with myself, I'm never sure.
Tests like this are a little scratch. And I'll guess I'll have to be content with always being itchy.
I'd be still be interested to know if the majority of those in this group would have a similar personality. I shall post if it hasn't been done, and find out.
I wasn't dissing different :) Life wouldn't be the same... ;)

I realise this is is just another type of label, and I wont be satisfied with this one for long either, but labeling makes it easier to group things and define them, as much as I don't like labels.

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thank you so much for your comments, crystalcomix, I know what you mean I came to the decision almost a year ago and I can't begin to tell you how much purpose and meaning it gave me. My experience seemed almost identical to yours, and I have done so much research since then so hungry to learn more.
Welcome to the team! ;)

Your story really stuck out to me because it seemed like I was reading my own thoughts as I read your post. It was the reason I opened an acct here. It's an awkward time in my life. EVERYTHING is on the verge of change for me. In the next 5 years I'll be looking back on who I am now and what I am doing and it will seem so long ago and so far away. It comes with the territory of reaching your 60's. (True!) Not that I'm saying I'm preparing for hard, difficult old age crap. No, that's not the direction I'm talking about. It's about re-inventing... again. Taking all of the new factors that are given with reaching this age range and making new experiences and touching on life in a way that I never imagined before that I would, or even could. It is exciting. But I will admit, just a bit stressful too. It's a new dawn. But I've always loved watching the sun rise. Hopefully being here I will meet people who I can relate to. Life, at any age, is better when you can be part of a functional team.

I believe that I am also an adult Indigo. I could just be imagining it. I just came to this decision on Sept 15th, 2012... that was 4 days ago as of this post. But the intuitive hit I get about this is really (REALLY) strong. And I totally trust my intuition. This is really exciting to me. Suddenly I can like and embrace all the "quirky" things about me now. And all the stuff (difficulties and challenges) I've been through in life seem to feel like there was a purpose buried within them. I have to say I am going to love telling people that I'm an adult Indigo. Well, the ones that will know what the heck I'm talking about anyway. Enjoyed your post.

You already know yourself so well! Pay attention to the wisdom in your essence; live it, love it and trust in the truth you already know! Here is the hardest part. Letting go of what everyone else and everything else tells you. They say what you are can't be true. You know the truth already. don't listen to the negative stuff because...it is like someone telling a bird you can't fly little bird; if the bird pays attention to what is said it will become distracted and won't fly. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Be who you already are; trust in what you know. Have the courage to BE who you really are! Know that you shine so brightly I can even see it on my side of the screen! Birds are meant to fly~so fly blessings Chuck

how wonderful of you to be so open! <br />
<br />
we had a poodle with epilepsy, and Reiki cured/ removed it from him. He was in my lap, it was my hands, but it wasn't me.

Great remarks above. Thanks for the read.<br />
As far as condensing material things - I think it's part of the shift.<br />
I've been on a "reduction" phase for about ten years now, and still reducing.<br />
I've not read that it's a time thing for women in their 40-50's, but I'll throw that out there. The older we get, the less we "need", especially reminders that pull us into our past, so that we can focus on our futures.

its one thing I have always just known and then I had a very gifted person tell me so and it was like a validation. She said I was new, had no karma but what I have created in this lifetime and that I was from a very very far away place. Somehow when she said it, it all made sense to me if you know what I mean

I guess that is why I am so unsure, I have no past lives I am new

Me too I have the feeling being new! I don't exactly what I am...

You sound more like a star child than indigo. We are all part of the same family, here to help this world see a new beginning.

I've read some on star children, it sounded like the next step after indigo, i'm not sure I'm there yet. I have days I am not sure of anything, and I don't believe I am as developed as so many others

Star children are not another step they are different, you got to find out by yourself :-)
You're doing right not to be shure of anything, you must always try to expand your view over life!

In a way we all are star seeds!
It is a great astronomer who said it: hubert reeves.
In our body are atoms that can only be created in a supernova explosion! We could not exist whitout stars!

I think that you can be both indigo AND starchild.... Indigo are beings carying a new vibration oriented toward ascension...
Starchild is more something to do about who you were in the past life...

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