Another Story/debate.

I was given meds for my ADD. I take them. When I actually talk to other indigo's they tell me how they hated being on it. (Granted they were young when they were put on the meds, while I am an adult.) Do you other fellow indigo's dislike being on the amphetamine based drugs like the indigo people i have met? They tell me they feel trapped and almost too grounded to the world when they are on it. That they cant express the depth of spiritual connectivity while on those drugs. I want to know how my fellow people feel about these.
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

Yes I took amphetamine based drugs, at first I hated it, then it helped me 'zone out' but further down the track I missed my energetic quick, fast pacing mind and weaned myself off them. Not something I would suggest but this is coming from someone who was taking these are few years back :)