I Need Advise From An Indigo Adult.. Help Me Please.

Almost every time i close my eyes a face will pop into my head and i will see there initals behind there head.. HOW CAN I MAKE THIS STOP I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! i was at a friends house and saw a old ladies face when i closed my eyes with a large W behind it. it turned out to willey weist "sry for spelling" but if anyone has any more info on this please message me
AndrewGreyson97 AndrewGreyson97
13-15, M
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Oh but absolutely DO NOT use a ouija board ok? That can open up portals of evil n u do not need that. can. Not will. But I repeat if u haven't already then please do not.

Hey bud. It's ok. There are a few possibilities with this experience but my best guess is that a spirit stuck in the astral plane desperately needs help. Do not be afraid. Read about the astral plane and stuck spirits. If this just randomly happened then it is very likely that u are also a crystal/indigo child and they want to be healed by you and released from a painful experience. Perhaps he is trapped in your house or has attached himself to you for help. I don't think he wants to scare you. Lemme know if u need more help but ii am not an expert in this field. We will find u one if u need to. But u are not crazy and dont let others make u feel that u are ok?