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Synchronicity, psychic ability, all my friends are like x men, all i wanna do is paint, write, play music, discuss people but I'm easily annoyed by them. KNOW I'M not from earth. Highly idealistic. Misunderstood as being narcisistic or egotistical when it is far from the truth. I just know that the answers are in me so I spend so much time trying to get them out. Ok. This is just the beginning. I'm very friendly and open to talking to others I just need to talk to my kind before I BURST. Haha seriously. Oh, and I am an androgenous male, though mistaken for gay(which I would admit to if i was, because do as thou wilst) though I very much love women. and NATURE!!! OK. anybody? Buehler?
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hey, I'm 62 so even weirder than you. I identify god, wonderful enthusiasm in male; there IS life on this strange planet, afterall

Hello everyone, I am a Indigo girl born 85, I have always known I was an Indigo but never had anyone to share with. I was adopted from Sri lanka when I was about 6 weeks old and came to my family in Sweden but the rarely understand me and I very often feel sad and lost because of the lack of support and understanding and I am now trying to find other Indigos to talk too as I am in huge need of talking about who I am since I am getting very confued inbetween due to the feeling (empathy) I constantly absob from others and it has become stronger and stronger over the years and now i feel very sad at times for no reason....mostly because I feel like no one in my surrounding understand me....not even my husband and I feel very lonely....please anyone want to talk with me who is Indigos too?

From this post i can tell you're a fun-loving alien. So hello there oforion! :>

Hello! Where are you from friend? Do u know your galaxy/star of origin? U see, I have markings but I can't be certain cuz ego blocks certain information. Looking for a good akashic reader! The snake is also an important symbol to me. Cool pic!

;) Snakeys' the hots. I'm from the Lion City (SG) ! I'm from Earth, but i don't think it's a star haha. I think I'm someone who annoys/bored people for no reason but let's talk more!

Akashic = ?
Buehler = ?

Oh Hahaha I see you are quite a bit younger than me so its ok that u didn't get the reference. Do u know about indigo children? LOL cuz that's what my post is about.

Holy crap you're in Singapore! That's awesome.

oh! I just searched for it online. Sad to say but Im not one of them. But perhaps you may be +_+

How's that awesome ? Lol :>

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