Hopeful Or Hopeless?

I was so sad, in tears, on the morning of December 21, 2012.

I was really hoping and waiting to feel and experience changes, the greater events in this life, such ones that will surely indicate that we entered into the Golden Age.

I was so hoping and wishing to stop feeling so anxious and depressed.
I desired so much that finally all things will finally be and fall into their place.

Wishing that mother earth had surely ascended into the fifth dimension and we her children will be very much and greatly positively affected by it.

Wanting that all will be as one and we all would be where we must doing as we should.

I was so awaiting, peace on earth, harmony and global awakening.

I was so exited thinking that we all will experience our true essence and reason to live, yes love and only much love.

Maybe it’s all slowly happening as I type and as you read this note, maybe it’s happening but not in the way I think or envision it to be.

Maybe it’s just all a matter of time and must just be a little more patient.

Maybe I'm just a helpless hopeless dreamer.

What do you think?
Golden9 Golden9
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I think it's a matter of time, I don't beleave things will change over night or in one day. But we are in the age of Aquarius witch is the time when we as a people stand together to change things for the better. Change will happen but only if we make the steps forward to a positive future, I beleave we must start working together if we wish to see a brighter future. I have only met one or 2 indigos in my life that understand their abilities and the rest of the people in my life for the most part don't understand what a indigo is some fear us, some label us as bad people, that should not be how it is. We are here to help and to heal the people in this world. Look at the world most of the time you will see greed, violence, anger and yet if you look at a indigo those are not the traits you see. Now idk how we are suppose to change the corruption of this world, but what I do know is this if we do nothing, nothing will change. If we do something, maybe things will change. Hope is very powerful with it anything can be done, without it we fall into a endless pit. So with that I would say never give up there is alway hope to change any situation