Hi idk where to start here I don't think I can fully teach healing over this site but I want to make people/indigos aware we can heal things. I have learned and trained my abilities a lot in the last year, healing is one of my strongest abilities. It takes focus, understanding, time, patients and practice to learn it fully but when you do I beleave everyone can heal things like I have. I have yet to find a limit to what can be healed I'll give you a list of things I have healed, most of the healings I've done, I've done on more than one person. I have healed broken bones, nerve damage, muscle pain, 3rd degree burns, physical heart problems and emotional pain, most worked over night. There is a lot to learn about healing but one of the most important things to know is the connection to water, everything is made of water ( air,animals, people, plants and everything else ). Our body is like 90 percent water and mind/brain is like 100 percent water, water can create energy. Our mind/brain is water so thoughts create energy and you can focus your thoughts to heal. Healing has 3 parts to it, body, mind and soul you need to understand all 3 parts to be able to heal I have just shown you part of body and mind. I hope you find this information helpful and let me know if you heal anything.

Peace to all
Indigogreen Indigogreen
22-25, M
Jan 18, 2013