Hi I was just wondering if any of the information I've put up here has helped anyone?. Like I said in my first post, in the last year I've accepted I'm indigo and I have learned and trained my psychic/indigo abilities I have learned a lot and I believe this information should be shared. Indigos tend to feel separate or cut off from the world, this happens because some feel they lack a connection to this world and without feeling a connection to the world or people here they don't communicate. The reason most indigos don't communicate is because they fear what might happen, maybe they think people will look at them differently. I'll be honest for the most part that is true, people will look at you differently but it's not all bad. Some people might not like you anymore but think about this. Do you accept people for who they are?. If you do, then you need people that accept you for who you are. If they don't they're not worth your time and you should move on without them. As for indigos wondering if their aliens, I can't say for sure but I can tell you what I have learned in my experiences. I have found that it is our spirit/soul that gives us our abilities. So at one time we were free of our physical bodies and we were able to go anywhere. That could be why you think your from another planet because maybe at some point in time you were on another planet in spirit/soul form with other spirits/souls which is why you felt at home there. That is just my opinion on things I have seen, everyone is able to have their own opinion. But one thing I believe is fact is indigos are here to help heal the world, there is so much we can heal with our abilities I believe it will help heal the world. What we need to do to start that is, we need to start communicating.

Also sorry I may have misspelled a couple worlds in my first posts like witch instead of which. Also witch is a label indigos had back in the dark ages. The reason we were called that is the same reason we are called indigos today because we have supernatural abilities which I believe is our spirit's/soul's abilities that we can use here. There are many different beliefs on how we have come to be here, where we've been before and how we were created. I don't want a debate on that everyone can have there own beliefs and faith. I am purely looking for common ground such as our abilities and other things we can relate to. I am a religious person and I believe faith is good to have. But people have argued for centuries about which religion is right and countless wars have been fought defending them. People have fought so much about it they have forgotten what most religions teach, which is peace, harmony and unity of all people. It teaches that all people are equal no one person is better because of their skin color, appearance or any other reason. All people are equal and should be treated as equals.

Peace to all
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I find your posts helpful.... I wish there were groups where indigo children could meet in person to discuss their abilities and practice. I mean, there probably are, but I am not familiar with them if there are...

Your welcome (: I'm glad I could help (: idk about groups on here but if you want you can message me any time if you have questions about your abilities (: I will help if I can (:

How long did it take you to find out that you were a indigo? From what I've looked up about aura's I know indigo is a color of an aura but how did you know what your aura's color is I guess that's my second question.

Well I was told when I was 12 a psychic told me i was an indigo and other things, since I was 6 I had foresight and I was even able to heal some things. But I just past the healing off to the fact that I was young and you heal quicker when your young. I was a little interested to learn more then, I learn more about my healing ability because I thought it was a good ability. I learned from her and trained my healing ability for a year with her. When I was 13 she said she wanted to " awaken " me that's what she called it what it was, was she wanted to open my chakras to make me stronger and to strengthen my abilities. She told me it would make me stronger so I was all for it but while she was doing this, it triggered a past life I had. I could see and feel everything that was happening, in this past life I was being tourchered I could feel everything, it was painful and it scared me I was 13 and didn't understand it. I told her what happened and asked her to leave. She replied " it is not the right time now, I am sorry for the pain, call me when you are ready" and then she left. At the time I was angry because of the pain in what she did, looking back I see she was only trying to help me and even though I yelled at her, she still showed me respect. It wasn't till I turned 20 that I was finally ready to learn more. I put up a post about it called " a new start " that is when I finally went back to my psychic to learn more and when I finally accepted I am an indigo.

As for how I found out my aura color that is easy, my natural gift is healing the color of green and I show compassion to others and help them. The heart chakra is green so I finally asked my psychic and she confirmed my aura is green, now my primary color is green but each chakra is connected to your aura, and other things but your aura can have all the chakra colors if done right also each chakra governs a aspect of our lives, for example green the heart chakra which is linked to the feelings and emotions in your life if the chakra is not open properly it can cause problems in that area. You can find information about all the chakras easily on google.

I'm new to all of this stuff. I had a vision the other evening while folding laundry and it's the first I've ever experienced. It wasn't a thought or a gut feeling and most definitely not a dream, a I was folding laundry. It was about 3-5 seconds and played out like a movie through my eyes. Now, I don't know if that was looking through my third eye or what! Did I open my gland? I'm so confused and I know nothing about any if this. I read and try to understand, but I don't completely get it all and the vision startles me Bc I have never had this experience. I started noticing supernatural activity about two years ago an ever since, it has felt so strange for me. Like that feeling of being lost and feeling as if I want to hide and such. It's strange. I use to be a social butterfly and now I get nervous around others and feel like I'm out of place. I don't feel like I fit in anywhere.
I've never felt this way. I get frustrated when I watch others play life out so ignorantly an blind. I've been so worried about everything going on around me that has to do with countries revolting to their governments, or lands being destroyed by chemicals, and watching the wildlife die in large numbers on both land and ocean. It's like I have an emotional connection with everything around me that has turned to chaos.

All these vino rating feelings I feel within me are overwhelming and confusing. Everything that I feel and have seen or discovered in the past two years, has been an overload it feels like. Is it possible I could be a crystal? I have heard about indigo and crystal an rainbow children, but I'm uncertain. I'm 28 years old and I feel so very confused of all of this.

Actually one of the people I talk to about my powers on here just e-mailed me a while ago and said the same thing she said I am awaken and this was cause I said that I could sense the cosmic energies now

Cosmic energies are the connection to your spirit/soul, most of the other energies are connected to life here. Look up chakras and look into what each chakra governs.

I was actually looking up information about chakra's about a week and a half ago before I told you about me sensing the cosmic energy which creeped me out at first but now that I know what it is and that it may not potentially harm right now I feel a lot better but I know I can still sense it even with my shield up still. And I actually tried the color shield thing today and I'm probably gonna have to hold off on that for a while because I tried green and all I can say is that I now know what the real definition of "What it's like to be a green lantern" because fear with that color is no joke at all

Ok and yes that is true fear can not be a factor

I got a little spooked today and it somewhat threw my shield out of whack for a little bit but I thought it was just gonna effect the shield, the spooked actually affected my energy cause I made the shield green and I could feel my own energy acting funny and what's more importantly is that I actually felt myself get physically weak for a little while to I got my energy back going but that was a horrible color shield experience I guess I need to work on my basic clear shield for now and when I get a little better at that then I'll start experimenting with colors again. (I probably won't use green for a bit lol)

Also you will find things like books and movies like that, that have good information in it. That is from the first generation of indigos, they have done things to help us on our path. Also I like the movie the green lantern, it does have some good information. Strength comes from within and fear and rage do nothing for us except make us weak.

Ok well whatever works for you, each person is different and sometimes different things work better for different people. We all walk different paths.

I guess so, well guess I need to bulk up on my superhero knowledge to lol. Also once my energy was back to normal again my shield was back to normal as well. And like I told you before when something happens to my shield it adapts to what it's experiencing or what's trying to pierce it and it becomes stronger off that or matches it or something like that. Cause later today I got spooked again but my energy nor shield went out of whack and I know I would've noticed it because I was in a room with about 150 people and I know what it's like when I sense stuff from other people cause a telepathic headache is no joke either lol

I would just call it knowledge, there are many sources of knowledge everywhere. I was just making a point about that movie. Also as for your shield idk what to tell you, it's a learning experience and the only other advice is let go of fear. It might sound tough but fear doesn't help you in any situation, regardless of fear the out come would be the same. You are stronger with out fear and being stronger you can change a situation.

I know but sometimes those superhero tv shows, comics, & movies help a little and I guess it's safe to say that there is one emotion that actually makes my energy level higher/increases it and that's when I'm happy the happier I am the more of my own energy I feel and I feel it increasing at the same time and that's when I'm able to block out everything with no problem. Don't get me wrong I'm happy with all this I'm just not at that state of happiness that increases my powers 10 fold I guess

That is the key find the feelings and emotions that make you stronger, focus on the good zone out the bad and you will find the 10 fold strength

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