Foresight is seening things happen before they do, most indigos have this ability. It works threw the third eye chakra, that is the psychic chakra. If you have had a foresight vision you know what it is and it can be for anything that will happen, also there are ways to change what we see for example if we see something bad coming we might be able to change it. I am sorry to say if you see a foresight of death you cannot change it. When it's your time, it's your time. I know someone that tried to save someone's life. She seen this person get hit and killed by a car she knew where and when so she pushed him out of the way. She did save the persons life there. They got on the bus, they got to his stop ( her stop was the next one ). The person thanked her and stepped off of the bus to walk home. He got hit right there by a car just after he got off of the bus. The person died and she decided to shun her abilities because of that, it is all sad. But things do happen for a reason, not all things are bad and sometimes seeing the bad reminds us how good we have it ( life, family, friends, food, healthy water and entertainment ) . I have put this post up to help people understand what can be done with these foresight visions, what they are and that we have limits in some areas. But we are limitless in other things.

Peace to all
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I do, I've seen horrible things happen, but I see them as they happen! I wish I could at least see them a day before....can we train our 3rd eye?

Yes we can train all abilities to have better control of them.

You are wrong chakras are important, the third eye chakra is important for foresight.

You control your chakras, your foresight not the other way around. You can't prove your right it is easy to say I'm wrong, prove your right. I've helped hundreds of people, seen as the get stronger and more control with their chakras. I don't have to prove anything I have people as my proof that I'm right.

I have, have seen these things with my own eyes. I have given proof all your saying is " your wrong " I'm not waisting my time with your ego anymore.

Because I am not motivated my ego I put up the true, I don't have to prove it to you. Have a good day

Typo by instead of my

I'm not I'm helping people by showing them what has helped me.

Thanks I like you your nutral. All I have really said is this information is a start for people that want to learn more and like your statement say sometimes people need " training wheels "

How can I open my Chakra gates? I know I am kind of psychic but through random conversations I have and I just talk often come to pass and sometimes it's scary because Dont mean what I say... I want to be able to open my chakra and control my psychic more to thought than speech. Is that possible? Pls help.

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