Auras And Shields

Auras are the visual energy of our spirit/soul, not everyone can see them but everyone connected to their spirit/soul has one. The way to connect to your spirit/soul is through your chakras, I have put up a post about them.

Shields are important to keep you safe from negative entities. They are easy to make, you go into a meditation and focus a light energy around you about 2 feet away from your body so your aura can still move but surrounding your body like a bubble, that is the easiest way to explain it. Each color you pick for your shield does different things and you can look it up on google. I hope this information helps.

Peace to all
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Ty now I just need to meditate

Ok I am trying to come to terms with all of this!!!! I was told my aura concists of three colors, crystal, indigo, and red!!! I am pretty sure what they mean seperatly but not in a whole!!! Help please!!!! Also I am trying to learn to read auras any help with that as well?

Ok well each aura color has a different meaning and they will boost certain abilities, having more then one aura color makes you stronger.
As for reading auras I know a bit about it, if you can see auras already then when you look at them and see bright colors that's good and healthy, if there are dark spots in the aura it usually means there's an injury there

......In the moment how do you severe the line of communication and energy? I need to work on creating my bubble yes, but how do I ....cut the LINES.....I am a medium with a problem being able to cut the lines once the lines are open.....I start getting drained....

Hi it's nice to meet you, I will try to explain the lines/cords and how to cut them. What the lines/cords are, are the connection to other people they are made in the attempt to help someone and yes they can drain you. So I would recommend cutting the lines/cords to do that you must go into a meditative state and focus on yourself, your spiritual body. You should be able to seen the lines/cords there can be some or many either way visualize the lines/cords being cut and fill them with a pure bright white light, this should stop your energy from being drained and make you feel better. Then I would recommend you put up a shield to stop it from happening again in the future. Also idk what you know but opening and cleansing your chakras will help raise your energy level so I would recommend that to. I hope this information helps feel free to message me anytime if you have questions I will respond as soon as I can. Peace be with you

I got a compliment last night. This girl came up to me and hugged me out of the blue, I don't know her at all. She told me that she just had to hug me because she see my aura is fluffy and pink. I was really surprised. Can you translate the meaning of my aura please

The pink aura is feminine it shows that your a nice kindhearted person (: it also shows you are creative (:

well, I think I'm getting there thanks

Your welcome (: