An Enema At The Doctors Office When I Was Twelve

One time when I was around 12 I was at the doctor’s office for something and mom was in the exam room with me.
The doctor told the nurse to give me an enema.
The nurse came in with a gown and told be to take off my clothes and put the gown on.
It was the type that was open in the back.
I was hesitating and very embarrassed but I finally put in on.
She told me to get up on the table laying on side.
She then put her finger in my anus with some kind of lube on it.
I started to scream,cry and make a fuss.
Mom came over and said if I don’t stop she will really give me something to cry about and gave me a slap on the butt.
I quieted down.
Then the nurse came over with the enema bag and attached it to a pole next to the table.
She then put the enema nozzle into my anus and turned it on.
After a while I felt so full and said I can’t hold it anymore.
She said if I don’t take the whole bag I will have to do it again.
It was finally over and she took the enema hose out of me and put a towel between my butt cheeks.
She told mom to squeeze my butt cheeks together so I could hold it in for a while.
Finally the nurse said I could go to the bathroom and mom and I both ran. Mom was still holding the towel in my butt.
When I got to the toilet I let it out. The nurse told us not to flush because she needed to look at it.
It took a few minutes but it was all out of me.
Well after it was over, thinking back it really wasn’t bad.
As a side note I don’t remember why, but that night I ended up getting a spanking as well.
Jaredboy Jaredboy
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That was quite a day for you. Sorry about the spanking.