Extreme Sauna

I love saunas - and very ineterested in what I call extreme sauna. This means enduring high temperatures or long duration in a sauna. The hottest I did once was 148 degrees C on the thermometer and the tiled floor was too hot to stand on in bare feet. After a long stay in severe heat, I love to have a cold plunge or shower - colder the better. I have done snow rolling straight out of sauna which is awesome. It's also great to turn up the heat by throwing lots of water on the hot stones.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I am also interested in Sauna, for many years I had a Sauna every Saturday afternoon at my sports club followed by a shower.<br />
Some years ago in China I joined tow of my principals there in the hotel sauna which included a very cold plunge pool. We saunad several times then plunged into the cold plunge pool and as the hotel swimming pool was emplty at the time risked a naked swim there as well.

I agree.